Welcome to Trusted Home Transitions

Peace of Mind – When Family Matters

Trusted Home Transitions (THT) is part of The Monticello Group family of companies. The Monticello Group has assisted clients by addressing their real estate needs since 2003. 

Between 2005 and 2013, we experienced the family transition dynamic firsthand, moving parents from the large family home to an in-town condo, and later to an assisted living facility. Each move required additional downsizing in furniture and keepsakes, and increased family support and assistance. During this time, we identified transitional needs that are unique to this experience.  

In 2013 we created “Trusted Home Transitions,” our company focuses on assisting families to find solutions that solve the complex task of ensuring that the family home is ready to provide maximum resale value, and that items no longer of value are disposed of in the best fashion – sold, donated, or removed. Our motto, “Clean It Up. Fix It Up. Get It Sold.,” demonstrates our commitment to minimizing the burden of preparing a real estate asset for sale, and quickly turning it into proceeds for the care of parents or the benefit of the estate.

Our goal at Trusted Home Transitions is to take care of our clients by removing the stress of disposing of the family home and personal belongings. Our services enable families to concentrate their time on taking care of each other.

Our Services Include:

Family Home Transition Assistance

At THT, we understand that dealing with family dynamics can be a challenge. We are here to help. We listen, seek to understand, and develop strategies with you to find solutions that meets your family’s objectives. Your parents may need care, your time is limited, your resources are precious. We have the team of qualified experts to make your home transition process smooth, predicable and cost effective.

Estate Disposition Solutions

Disposition of the family homes’ personal possessions can be time consuming and emotionally difficult for those involved. With your guidance, we take away the guesswork and efficiently sort out what stays and what goes. We will even make charitable donations of home goods in your family’s name in order for you to receive the related tax-benefits. We will conduct estates sales, online auctions and yard sales, too.

Property Improvement Services

We understand what is needed to improve a home and get it ready for sale. We have years of experience in home repair, upgrading rooms, renovating entire homes, and creating great curb appeal. We prioritize the repair and improvement investments to ensure that those investments have significant impact on the overall resale value. We strive to be a one-stop shop for our clients so that you and your family have peace of mind!