How do we define our family home transition choices?

We start with a discussion of your family’s situation. We help you define the desired outcomes you are striving to achieve. If parents are involved, together we determine what their needs are as it relates to their living space and the family’s desire to plan for their future.

We analyze improvement costs, determine fair market value of the home, examine debt structure of the home and establish a plan to maximize the value of the home in the event of a sale. Often proceeds from the sale of the family home is critical to the continued care of a loved one.

How does Trusted Home Transitions (THT) work with unique family situations?

Every family engagement is unique for us. There are no cookie cutter solutions when you deal with family. We are sensitive to the family dynamic, sibling relationships and parent’s needs. If the family is in an Estate Disposition situation it can be even more complicated and often the family dynamic shifts. We are sensitive to those changes. We work hard to make sure everyone feels their voice is heard in family matters.

I don’t want the family responsibility to handle this on my own, how can you help me?

At Trusted Home Transitions, we are prepared to work with you at the level you desire. We can address some or all of the decisions related to the dispositions of furniture and personal items in the house. Often our clients ask us to “just get it done.”

Our Motto is “Clean It Up. Fix It Up. Get It Sold.”

What are the benefits of engaging with THT versus trying to do it on our own?

Your Time is precious! Peace of mind, your job, your children, family, and spouse all suffer when you become consumed with all the details, decisions and emotions associated with the family home transition. Working with THT allows you to focus on the demands of daily life while leaving the transition stuff to THT’s team of experienced and trustworthy experts.

Do I have to spend time making a bunch of choices as it relates to the design details when repairing or renovating?

Our team is happy to address the design details. We are really good at it! We can take the guess work out of the process for you. We do a great job at selecting the colors, fabrics and finishes that will stand out and make your home shine. We focus on the small details that make you home attractive and comfortable. We can even stage your home for sale.

We focus on improving a home’s curb appeal, creating a warm home setting and landscaping that presents itself as neat and professional.

What if I need help with my parent’s estate administration?

We work closely with several very respected law firms that are experts at Estate Administration. We assist and coordinate with them in getting your home appraised and ensure that you are happy with the services that are being rendered to address the estate’s successful closing.

All I really need is new carpet and paint. Can you still help me?

Absolutely, sometimes it is just a matter of some paint, new carpet and fix a nail hole or two. We are here to help. We can get it done quickly, and at a reasonable cost.

What is THT’s experience in providing these services?

We have worked with families for years helping them solve the home transition challenge. We have helped families clean up their house. Get a parent moved to a new location. Repair and upgraded a home for sale. We know the real estate market. We know what type of home investments and repairs it takes to maximize the resale value of your home. Maximizing the resale value simply provides more money to provide for a parents’ care or in the case of an estate, increased distribution to ones’ heirs.

How long has THT been providing these services?

Our founder has been helping family’s creatively address family home transitions needs since 2005. In 2013, we formally branded our services as THT. We now offer a full line of services including home clean up, furniture removal, home repairs, room upgrades and sales assistance if you do not have a realtor.

What are the costs involved to engage with THT?

Costs vary depending on the extent of the services rendered. We offer an initial consultation at no charge. We put our charges in writing to you that you approve and we agree on a custom payment plan to fit your family’s budget.

How long before the house will be ready for sale?

Depending on the extent of the work that needs to be completed, it may take from one week to a few months. The agreed upon project scope will determine the clean-up / fix up timeframe.